Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games movie!

The Hunger Games movie!

The Hunger Games movie! by robynnhood featuring chain jewelry
Hey persons! :) If you happen to be going to The Hunger Games movie anytime soon, then I have some ideas for what you could wear!

Idea1: Superfan!
For this one, you'd just deck yourself out with Hunger Games attire! The shirt, Katniss' Nails, anything else you have! (as long as it doesn't clash too much)

Idea 2: More fashionable take!
This one's Hunger Games-y attributes are a little more subdued, with the overall idea leaning more towards looking awesome, but still showing your love of The Hunger Games. You might try a white tee and a firey-colored scarf with a cute jean jacket and a few other adorable Hunger Games inspired accessories!

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